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Default Re: Why do so many American fighters claim foul play

Because shady tactics exist overseas. Enter:The Kendall Holt vs Torres debacle. Hit in the head with a full can of beer.... pulled on the legs when knocked down- or ANY ricky hatton fight where he is allowed to greco roman wrestle his opponent- or any fight in a country that a victory ends in a riot.
It's really not that they complain that there is foul play- it is just that the odds are certainly slanted in the other's favor. But really I say that it is just homefield advantage (with the exception of if it physicially lessens a boxer's physical status [for instance a beer can to the face]) But I think Heckling outside of the ring is fine and the like. It is when a boxer has early weigh ins... or the countryman from the foreign country has unchecked gloves (Harris vs witter) that you really can raise an eyebrow and give speculation as to the shadiness of the circumstances.
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