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Default Re: Dont Fight Hatton On The Inside!!pbf Is The Man

Originally Posted by SugarRay
I don't think you can discount the fact that Tszyu was not in his prime. Prior to the fight I recall boxing ****ysts saying that Tszyu had age and inactivity going against him.

Just because Tszyu says that the current Tszyu beats a younger Tszyu doesn't mean he could. I'm sure a 25yo Tszyu would have been fitter, hungrier and faster than a 35yo Tszyu. These three characteristics would have helped Tszyu pull through (in my thoughts anyway). Futhermore, he was perhaps a bit ring rusty since he had not fought for a while. So, I don't agree with your statements above.

Having said that, Hatton deserves credit.
So what if he wasn't prime.

The Tszyu activity thing is BULL****. They like to say one fight in two years rather than say he'd fought 6 months prior to face Hatton and had three training camps prior to Mitchell.

25 year wasn't fitter. Tszyu showed the best stamina of his career. He didn't quit because he gassed. He quit because he knew he was '3-4 points behind' and nothing was working for him.

*******s about being rusty. In three rounds he found his range and timing on a fast, slick, tricky southpaw. He lost those rounds to Hatton. He then stayed on good terms with Hatton until the last quarter of the fight when Hatton proved too much.

It was a great win. Period. Fighters ALWAYS have excuses.
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