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Default Re: Dont Fight Hatton On The Inside!!pbf Is The Man

Originally Posted by MoneyPunch
Who's whining you muppet??
All I was saying that people were going waaayyy overboard about Hatton. Castillo an excellent fighter a few years ago, but was chosen for his style and his name, thats fact, AND obvious!!

Then, Tszyu was chosen as he was not the force he had been, he'd been inactive, injured, and even then, during the middle rounds, he was excellent, and picked Hatton off at will, as I believe Mayweather would do, hence my reference to Mayweather.

99% of ESB didnt know something, is that the best you can offer??
Stop with your hindsight bull****.

What you 'believe' is irrelevent. People 'believe' alot in foresight.

99% of the WORLD didn't know that something.

Buck up. FACT - Hatton has two great wins. The general forum disgusts me. Not you specifically, though partially, but you are all fan boys. What happened to respecting fighters and giving them their dues.
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