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Default Re: Harold Johnson - Frightenly Muscular

[quote=PetethePrince;4386838]That's total BS. Genetics play a big part, yes. But you can get big and strong and look good. No you might not look like Mr. Olympia or Frank Zane but you sure as hell will look lean, ripped, and muscular if you train and diet right. Genetics is important and can only take as far as your capabilities but it doesn't discriminate towards people from looking fit, that's just ridiculous.

Who said anything about not looking fit and huge, if that's the goal, with the right diet 'n exercise, PtP. You just don't get to look like Johnson, Hagler 'n Mundine Sr., for example, if it wasn't in your genes.

The thing that really bothers me (and would keep kids from feeling failures) is that nobody responsible tells 'em they can only reach their maxim physical potential with diet 'n exercise, not clone Harold Johnson.
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