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Default Re: Harold Johnson - Frightenly Muscular

Originally Posted by john garfield View Post

You're wrong. You can look like Harold Johnson or Marvin Hagler. Obviously everyone can't but most people can if they work hard and diet down. Some people just have to do intense dieting and training. It comes much easier for others, and much harder for some but most anyone can look like Harold Johnson or Hagler with 15 years of training. Some people might have trouble getting as big into a 220ish pound frame without performance enhancers but you can get there. While genetics probably helped Foreman, Norton, and Tyson have awesome builds just be being genetic freaks it doesn't mean you can't achieve that a similiar build without tons of work. Heck, look what weights did for Holyfield. Guy wasn't a freak as a kid and started weights and got much more massive.
If you believe that, PtP, I have a bridge I'd like to sell you. Why do think only a handful of fighters look like Johnson? Not because they don't train hard and eat right; it ain't in their genes!!...But there are wineos livin' outta garbage cans shredded like Johnson.
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