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Default Re: Harold Johnson - Frightenly Muscular

[quote=john garfield;4387345]
Originally Posted by PetethePrince View Post

If you believe that, PtP, I have a bridge I'd like to sell you. Why do think only a handful of fighters look like Johnson? Not because they don't train hard and eat right; it ain't in their genes!!...But there are wineos livin' outta garbage cans shredded like Johnson.
You've said nothing I haven't already explained. Johnson could've been a genetic phenom like Tyson or Shavers all I know. Some people are, but don't sell short hard work. Johnson probably lifted weights while most fighters didn't. I'm sure if more did they could be carrying more bulk if they wanted to, but that wasn't considered entirely effective or smart in those days... mostly everyone wanted to keep trim.

Boxing training which mostly consist of cardiovascular and endurance based muscle strength comparably to a long distance runner rather than the bulk needed for a short distance runner. Besides, too much bulk is provenly somewhat ineffective. Too much muscle takes too much oxygen up. In a 12 round fat infested HW division, bulk can become more useful. Developing fast-twitch muscle for explosiveness can be effective for developing your punching power, but within limits.
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