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Default Re: Harold Johnson - Frightenly Muscular

Originally Posted by fists of fury View Post
I'm with John Garfield here.

I have no doubt Harold Johnson had the genetic pedigree that, aided by hard work in the gym, made him a physical specimen.

Yes, anyone can look 'ripped' and muscular if they work on it, but they won't have the in-built structural superiority of a Harold Johnson. That's either in you or it isn't.

There was a guy who I worked with once who had a very muscular, ripped look not a mile off Harold Johnson's phyique, and he only dabbled with weights and never took it seriously. It looked like he spent all day in the gym, but he didn't.
I was extremely envious, especially since I had to work twice as hard to look half as good.
Of course genetics is important. As diet & hard work is too. However, the idea that you "can't achieve" that status or a Harold Johnson status because of limited genetics is simply untrue. It may take 5-20 years, but you will get there. And adding steriods/supplements you definitely will. Trust me, I've known skinny kids that looked like they could be scrawny forever but they built themselves and much bigger/stronger in just a short period of time (A few years). You'd be surprised what hard work/consistency can do.
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