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Default Re: Is Hatton's resume better than Tszyu?

Originally Posted by jimmie
Yeah Floyds resume can be picked at Baldomir was just a journeymen in the right place at the right time, Judah has never been a great fighter and was coming off another loss, DLH hadnt beat a real good fighter in 5 years and was 34, 1st Castillo fight was extremly close and contreversally, Genaro Hernendaz was past his peak, Corrales was arguablly weight drained. But I can do that with any fighter even Ali his wins over Fraizer were after Foreman destroyed him, Foreman didnt train properly in the Altitude, Archie Moore and Floyd Patterson were both past it, Ken Norton where close close wins etc. Not comparing Floyds resume or Alis but I hope u get what I mean.
Very well put

it is easy to twist any fighters resume to suit ones argument even the great Alis

Now as far as this threads title is concerned i agree with Achillies

Ricky has beaten better fighters than Zoo did

but Zoo has the longetivity and reign at the top and beat alot more B level fighters than Hatton a Hatton fan but **** sake he fought bums under ****** for ages!

but since 2005 he has the scalps of Zoo and Castillo and slightly faded or not those are BIG scalps

Zoo himself never beat a fighter the equal of Castillo or himself
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