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Default Re: Harold Johnson - Frightenly Muscular

Originally Posted by PowerPuncher View Post
Stop talking out your ass, consistantly high protein diets and resistance training builds muscle. If you build 4lbs of muscle a month you gain 48lbs of muscle in a year, IE a load of muscle. Now imagine that constantly over a period of years

True ... but one can only have so much genetic potential for growth, even if one follows all the right training, dietary and rest guidelines.

Eventually, everyone will reach plateaus and then getting through each one becomes more and more difficult ... yes, it is easy for a novice to gain some 40lbs of muscle in a year/year and a half, but once they start getting into above average weight lifter/bodybuilder territory ... those gains slow down significantly.

In my training experience, I've found that many very skinny people get to a certain size and then when the size gains start to slow down immensely, they become prone to seeking the 'benefits' of 'artificial assistance'.

I do believe that ANYBODY can put on size, but genetics do have an ultimate say in just what one can do training clean.
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