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Default Re: Harold Johnson - Frightenly Muscular

Originally Posted by john garfield View Post

Because boxers arent bodybuilders, every single bodybuilder can get a physique like Johnson's from dieting. Boxers focus on functional performance so a 6pack isnt necessary

I've had a physique not far from Johnsons and I wouldnt consider that I had great genetics, no one else in my family have my type of physique, I also binge and dont eat right most the time, but when I focus on getting in shape the abbs will be in within 4-6weeks. You just need, the muscle, the correct diet, the correct meal planning, cardio etc etc

HOWEVER abbs do not equal fitness, they equal a low bodyfat, looking in shape doesnt mean you have fitness/stamina because bodybuilders sure as **** dont
I agree. We aren't talking about functional training we're talking about physiques. So basically you agree with me?
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