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Default Re: Harold Johnson - Frightenly Muscular

Originally Posted by PowerPuncher View Post
I exagerated the amount someone will stack on but for the record Dorian came into the gym first weighing 12stone (168lb) and ofcourse not ripped, he was basically average. Flex Wheeler FYI who arguably has the best bodybuilding physiqe ever was a 100lb weakling

In the first few year of training, gaining 20lbs a year is possible without steroids, then maybe it drops to 5-10lb as your body has already filled out. Still over 10years of that you can still add 70lbs of muscle to a 140lb frame. Its actually pretty normal to gain muscle from the teenage years into manhood anyway, so when you add training/nutrition to it you gain, simple. Especially if you add supplements
I agree with all of that, pretty much.

The only thing I want to add though is that Yates looked like he had spent years in the gym after really only spending only a few months there.
I'm sure you've seen pictures of him after only nine months training - very impressive. He was not a huge guy before, but he was no weakling either.

PS-Flex a weakling? Since when?
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