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Default Many people consider Sugar Ray Robinson the GOAT...

Despite the fact he fought in the 40s, an undoubtably weaker era (it would be practically impossible to match his numbers today against the better athletes).

Well here is something to think about and agree with:

We can name Sugar Ray Robinson the best, the greatest ever. We can overlook the fact he fought in the 40s. It wasn't his fault everyone else was so bad, it just was, but we overlook it...

Why can't we overlook the fact that Joe Calzaghe has few worthy elite challengers? It is almost exactly the same, both have built up terrific number against less than stella opponents. It is double standards if we overlook it in the case of Robinson, but are ultra critical about Calzaghe for it.

It wasn't Robinson's fault the opponents back then were unworthy. Just as it isn't Joe Calzaghe's fault he has no truly worthy challengers. We should overlook these unfortunalities in Joe's career, just as we do for Sugar Ray.

We should be able to place Calzaghe amongst the top ten ever, immune to critism of his resume, just as Robinson fans are can do. There is no difference when you compare their respective opponents head to head, arguably Joe with his 'zero' against solid modern opposition comes out on top.
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