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Default Re: Dont Fight Hatton On The Inside!!pbf Is The Man

Originally Posted by achillesthegreat
The Hatton thing has rubbed me the wrong way. The general forum disgusts me. Give a man his due.

Did you see Hattons face when Kellerman started spewing his *******s? Man, you train 14 weeks, you prove your first great win wasn't a fluke and then you got this **** in your face.

I lose my cool on stupid points.

Everyone needs to show a bit of respect and give fighters their due.
How does this fight prove that?

At this point, Castillo is far from a great fighter.

It was a great win, vs a very well past it boxer.

(I said this prior to the bout, look at my past posts)

Floyd spanks Ricky, in a boring UD.
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