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Default Re: Harold Johnson - Frightenly Muscular

Originally Posted by fists of fury View Post
Powerpuncher, you seem to be arguing about a seperate topic altogether.

Of course anyone (or nearly anyone) can get a six-pack, be ripped and have decent muscle mass. I don't see anyone disputing that. For some it's harder to obtain, but sure if everything is done right and massive effort is applied, it's possible.

What John and I are saying is that you cannot alter your basic shape and structure. That's genetically encoded.
In the above example, a narrow shoulder width can only be enhanced by added muscle to the shoulder region, but structurally you will always have comparatively narrow shoulders. (Next to someone who has done the same routine as you, and had wider shoulders to start with.)

You can't alter where your muscles attach to your tendons, any more than you can change your height. It is what it is and no training can change that.
That's why some guys can have really peaked biceps and some guys have comparativey long, less peaked biceps.
Maybe certain exercises can help some (although I'm dubious of that claim) but a Dorian Yates could not have a biceps peak like Ronnie Coleman because it's simply not possible. That is genetically determined.

And yes, some guys just can get more ripped looking than others. Andreas Munzer being a good example. (RIP) He just had that incredibly ripped, striated look that nobody could quite attain, not even the best of them, no matter how hard they tried.
While I won't disagree ofcourse muscle insertions and body structure can'tbe altered. That doesn't change the fact that physiques similar in terms of muscularity

I have heard the example 'Marciano could never look like Johnson because he trained as hard and didn't', which is bollox, he could have had a lower bodyfat percentage and could have fuller, denser muscles if he isolated muscle groups in intense bodyduilding training. He didnt need to ofcourse and it wouldnt necessarily harbour him any improvements

BTW Andreas Munzer got so ripped partly due to his extreme use of diuretics amongst other things, not sure if it was diuretics or insulin that did him in
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