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Default Re: Harold Johnson - Frightenly Muscular

Originally Posted by PetethePrince View Post
That's total BS. Genetics play a big part, yes. But you can get big and strong and look good. No you might not look like Mr. Olympia or Frank Zane but you sure as hell will look lean, ripped, and muscular if you train and diet right. Genetics is important and can only take as far as your capabilities but it doesn't discriminate towards people from looking fit, that's just ridiculous. You get these lazy cop-outs from usually fat and lazy people who are unwilling to train and improve their body. This is the loser's mentality/attitude. I'm not trying to knock on you as I don't know you but when I hear **** like this its from the unfit, lazy, fat mofo and not the guy who's working out twice a day with a calorie & protein intake twice as yours while eating less fat than the average person. I have known scrawny ass kids that have gotten hugely built.

And of course steroids will help you. The only thing open to question is how far it can push beyond your potentially. It definitely helps you build muscle faster. This can't even be debated.
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