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Default Re: Harold Johnson - Frightenly Muscular

Originally Posted by JimmyShimmy View Post
Ok then, you smartie pants - explain Bruce Lee...

The guy was never gifted for sports or particularly muscular. With dedicated training he achieved a level of conditioning and athleticism that was nothing short of unreal.

I know of the train of thought that everything's 'inborn', but I am not sold. You have to cultivate ones goods, and in Bruce's case he just simply cultivated more than you thought possible.

Now hit me!
Bruce had unbelievable muscular genetics, all one has to do is look at him to come to that conclusion. The point being made here seems to be flying completely over you guys's heads. We're not saying that with proper training you can't maximise your potential. We're saying you can only go as far as your genetics will allow.

Some people are born with almost perfect bone structure and muscle symmetry, others aren't. Most (in fact the vast majority of) people are born with far less than symmetrical and proportional bone and muscle structure, and thus, even with a similar or even more straining physical routine, would not be able to look the same way as the person with the better natural genetic makeup. As has been said, your genetics and body structure are built in, so even if you're capable of shedding fat, gaining muscle, etc you'll always have the same general structure.

If you take two people, one with a balanced and symmetrical genetic makeup, and the other without, and both people are able to maximise their potential, the one with the better genetics will ultimately look far better. That is the essence of this debate. If you guys can't except that, you're lost and/or very mistaken.
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