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Default Re: Harold Johnson - Frightenly Muscular

Originally Posted by JimmyShimmy View Post
Seen him before he started training? He looks totally soft in comparison. He got his physique through a religious training regime.

I will concede that genetics can help a response, but 70% of it was hard work.
True. But you're misunderstanding. Bruce's natural genetic makeup was outstanding, as proven by the perfect balance and symmetry his body achieved. Most of the best bodybuilders don't even have that kind of balance and symmetry to their physique, they're simply much more massive. His genetic makeup was perfect in order to achieve that kind of fitness.

Let's take an example between two body-builders, just so we're on the same page. Compare Dexter Jackson and Ronnie Coleman. Both are massive and have phenomenal definition, but very different genetic makeups. Compare their abs. Jackson has a perfectly proportioned and symmetrical six pack, while Coleman has more or less an oddly-shaped 4 pack. That doesn't mean Coleman didn't train his abs as hard, that he carries more fat (both have virtually none), or anything of that nature. It simply means Jackson had the better abdominal genetics. Same thing with Arnold, who never had the best abdominals even during his peak days.

Again, not saying that everyone can't improve their physique, we're just saying that everyone has a far different genetic makeup and the end results will almost always turn out different for different people.
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