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Default Re: Harold Johnson - Frightenly Muscular

Originally Posted by PowerPuncher View Post

I have heard the example 'Marciano could never look like Johnson because he trained as hard and didn't', which is bollox, he could have had a lower bodyfat percentage and could have fuller, denser muscles if he isolated muscle groups in intense bodyduilding training. He didnt need to ofcourse and it wouldnt necessarily harbour him any improvements

BTW Andreas Munzer got so ripped partly due to his extreme use of diuretics amongst other things, not sure if it was diuretics or insulin that did him in
Few trained harder than Marciano though. He could have trained down to the low 170's and looked more ripped I agree, but he would have been weaker and half dead through lack of energy.

Yeah, Munzer used diuretics sure, but they all did. Paul Dillett cramped up so badly on stage once, they had to carry him off. That was the result of going crazy with diuretics.
He still never looked nearly as ripped and striated as Munzer, although he was bigger.
At that level, I doubt anyone is doing something the others are not.
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