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Default Re: Harold Johnson - Frightenly Muscular

Originally Posted by PowerPuncher View Post
Dorian did put on mass quickly, he may have had good gentics but he may have been juicing from the start. There are allot of crazy rumours about Dorian's drug use and he may well have been a boundary pusher with the drugs.

I remember in a Flex video he stated he was very skinny when he started out. If you see his first comp he looks around 140-150 I think
I think you're being really hard on Dorian. Why would he be juicing from the start? He hadn't even entered his first competition yet, and wouldn't for some time.
He was growing like a weed anyway, the use of steroids at that stage of his development would have been unnecessary.
At the start of his career, he had strong reservations about going the whole hog. He could not have known at that point how successful he'd become.
We're speculating now let's leave it at that.

As for Flex, well being 140-150 certainly doesn't mean he was athletically gifted and had massive potential for muscular growth. Virtually to a man, all pros were pretty good at other sports before the lifting bug bit.
They all had a natural aptitude to be athletic.
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