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Default Re: Many people consider Sugar Ray Robinson the GOAT...

Originally Posted by China_hand_Joe
Let me tell you this though my friend. In 2057, on these very classic forums, I'll be pulling the same trick. With Mario Veit. Super Mario was undefeated for yonks, with the exception of two fights against Calzaghe.

In 2057 there will not be a great deal of video evidence around on Mario, so I'll be pulling the exact same trick. "Oh no, Calzaghe's resume is brilliant, just look at all those great names! Veit for instance."

This is an exact parrellel with each any every name on Robinson's record. You are all hyping up wins over Mario Veit.
Please stop! There is footage of Henry Armstrong and there is obviously footage of Mario Veit. The two will NEVER be mentioned in the same breath and in 2057, people wont be saying that Veit was great. Armstrong was clearly the better fighter and clearly had the better resume.
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