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Default Re: Introducing: Pinoy Prospect Jonathan Taconing!!!

Originally Posted by PacDbest
I use Boxrec as source of Fighters information who they fought, What's the record of their opponents, How often they fight, etc. Some of you guys hype a fighter Then when I check their record all they fought are bums.

They rating are computer generated & favors the recently active fighters. After Pac KOed MAB again, watchout He's be #1 P4P again in their Ratings. Don't care much about their rating but you can't deny the accuracy of fighters record. Now tell me did Proksa fought tough opponents or Bums???
Don't quote the rankings if you don't care about them. And when someone tells you they are bad after you quote them, don't call them a crybaby as though you think that poster is incorrect.

It looks like you were using the rankings until you realized how low they ranked Pacman P4P. Thats how it looks to everyone here (cept I am sure your buddies).
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