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Default Re: Anyone who is impartial has to think Mayweather is a SURE favorite, right?

Originally Posted by Toopretty
The whole thing with Hatton that I wonder what is he going to do on the outside...I mean he has 0 outside game ..he HAS to smother guys to win..and his holding is frequent and used as a tactic to not get beaten up on the outside....I just think floyd will bring the fight where hatton dont want to be and when Hatton tries to clinch a backing up mayweather he will get tagged and floyd will get away and if hatton gets tired which HE DOES...he is toast.

Much love bro, but hatton wont stay on the outside

You're rightthough in that regard, on the outside?? Its Floyd all day long. Thats precisely why ricky's style is what it is. Cant blame him, a fighter is going to do what he does best.

Thing is??? Where has floyd been active enough to impose you're scenario??? Its been A LONG TIME!!!!

Its a see saw and whoever gets more time in their element?? Is the winner!!!

Hatton will not go quietly into that good night
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