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Default Bowe-Holyfield III

Revisited Bowe-Holyfield III last night.

Do any of you know the truth re: Evanders health and condition going into the fight? I know there are reports of illness (hepatitis).

On the other hand, Commander got smashed hard to the body early which may have contributed to him running out of steam as much as anything else.

Also, the initial knockdown was a terrific right hand from Bowe, and Evander didnt see it coming, so its really not that surprising he got stopped shortly after.

Just wandering what the consensus is on the forum?

On a related note. For those who believe Bowe deserved to keep his title in Holyfield II (I think a case can be made given Bowes great 12th round when the fight seemed to be in the balance), this means Bowe went his entire career without losing...

Despite the thinness of his resume, any thoughts on upping his ranking?
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