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Default Re: Anyone who is impartial has to think Mayweather is a SURE favorite, right?

Well, venue DOES matter in this case. Had this fight been in Manchester I'd have closed the book on a Mayweather win long ago.

Ricky Hatton is going to have some difficulty I think playing by the rules in Nevada. They will basically ensure that he cannot smother Floyd. We see it all the time, which is a constant break of the action/distance by the ref.

This is all business by Mayweather and he knows what he is doing. Hatton's best chance is to fight off of his chest, smother anything Mayweather can do and pound him out.

I just don't see the Nevada officials letting him do that. That said, I'll go with the upset anyways. Hatton IS faster than DLH and will jump in and get Mayweather where DLH couldn't. Even if the ref constantly breaks them up I like Hatton's chances at getting in and landing clean before that happens.
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