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Default Re: Who IS the Next Great Black Hope in the Heavyweight division

Originally Posted by FRENZY
Nobody was dancing in the streets you lying inbred hillbilly

Where were the race-riots you philandering meth-monkey??

The best p4p is Black..Mayweather..(as were MOST ATG's) I don't see any Eurotrash threatening him..Let's see how they deal with Ricketty Hatton getting slice-up..the Britis might riot like the Hagler fight in Britain..

The heavy division is the WEAKEST in all of boxing..that's why it's infested with Eurobums

Where are they in the more COMPETITIVE divisions??

NONE of that Eurotrash is HOF's a joke to compare them to the ATG's

You know what Cletus??

You need a trip to the Boxing Hall of Fame...FAST

I bet you're not even're home-grown TRAILER TRASH living vicarioulsy throw Eurotrash Heavyweights..


There GONE..that's why you have to cheer for foreigners that would rather spit in your face than shake your hand
I think you spectacularly missed the point of the guys post.

As for the 'Eurotrash' in the heavy division, remind where the last genuine heavyweight champ was from, please?
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