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Default Ever seen those "tough guys" at Ripley's?

If this thread doesn't belong on this forums, please move it to where it should be.

Anyway, I remember seeing that episode of Ripley's believe it or not, and it's about a certain martial art that includes making their student impervious to pain.

They've demonstrated a lady who gets hit with a chop to the neck and kick in the groin.

And a guy who was, again, struck to the neck by a martial arts expert and gets punched by four muscle bound guys in four directions (front, back, left and right neck) simultaniously.

Although at first glance it looks impressive, I wonder how would they do if they let a trained, hard hitting, licensed pro boxer hit them on the mug? It's not Tyson who is punching them. Just some guys who look like your average body builders.

I just figured, if they really are that tough and can endure pain, they should have let someone legit bring it to them and see if they can take it.

Your thoughts?
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