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Default Re: Undercard fights of Wlad vs Brewster

Originally Posted by Odo
Well,a Chechen is no Russian,nbt!
Chechnya may be part of Russia,officially at least,but whoever stems from one of the countries of the former soviet union knows what I am talking about.
It is a bloody difficult and complicated topic.
I think what you mean to say is that they are nationally, ie citizenship, Russian, but ethnically they aren't.

NBT ethnic Rus (Russian, Ukrainian and Belarussian) come from a specific Slavic hinterland that extends from much of modern day Ukraine and Belarus to the traditional lands of Russia north of Rostov and Volgagrad. It is like the difference between English, Scotts and Welsh. All of them are British but they aren't the same ethnic group. Or Basques and Catalans being Spanish citizens but not ethnically Spanish.

Does that about cover it Odo, or is there anything else you would like to add?

By the way I really like Baysangurov and would like for him to do well. I think he is the most talented prospect between 147 and 160. He is well ahead of Berto, Chavez Jr or Andre Ward (who is between 160-168lbs) and even fellow countryman Pirog.
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