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Default Re: Many people consider Sugar Ray Robinson the GOAT...

Originally Posted by China_hand_Joe
It is no different to what cross-trainer knowingly does now with an entire era.
On the contrary,

Cross_Trainer is an exceptional poster with a vast knowledge on the history of the game. Additionally, he uses non-biased approaches by providing actual footage and literature to validate his arguments and points. With all due respect China, the only thing that I've seen from you since your arrival is just plain flat out statements like " the forties were weak " without any real substance to explain your position. You also steadfastly claim that the public has been brain washed into believing that the legendary fighters of the past were greater than they actually were. Could the same argument not be made regarding your beliefs that all modern fighters are inherantly superior? Perhaps if you provided footage, documents, articals and focussed on specific points to make your comparisons, then maybe you'd be a bit more convincing.

This is how real debating is done.
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