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Default Re: Why do so many American fighters claim foul play

Originally Posted by tobkhan
Oh, and thatīs never the case the other way round?
I am not saying it doesn't happen the other way around. In fact, it DOES happen to foreign fighters in America. Even AMERICAN fighters in AMERICA get played for fools. Boxing is a corrupt sport, unfortunately! That being said, American fighters have something a lot of other countries don't have. Mass Media to voice their complaints and grievances. All of these boxingtalks and doghouses and esb-ings are primarily American run and therefore can meet and interview with the fighters here more often.

All fighters who lose try to put a positive spin on the loss- or try to play it off to having an off night or foul play. Very rarely do we see a fighter say "Yeah, I lost to someone who is a better fighter than me. The ref called a good fight and I got beat." until the end of someone's career.
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