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Default Re: Classic Forum -Talk About Anything (Mods please dont move)

Originally Posted by teeto View Post
Yeah i got it the other day, i have just always hated ****ogue to be honest, sometimes maybe i think i'm getting stuck in the past with games, so i forced myself to get used to the f$%king thing. I have done as well, i like how the commentators talk about the fighters in an advanced way as well.

What you think?
Just practice with the ****ogues. It's not like you have a choice anyway.

After initial misgivings, I think it's the best FN yet. The way distance plays such an important part of the fighting now is really nice.
And finally the different styles actually feel different, with different strengths and weaknesses.

My fighter has just moved up from featherweight to first title win was against Barrera, and he had me down in the first and tenth rounds. But my guy is blessed with an iron chin and stamina (No speed though) and I hung in there, slowly getting back into the fight. I needed a KO to win and managed to knock him down twice in the 12th and force a stoppage...what a ******* of a fight though!

I defeated Morales by ninth round stoppage to get 2/3 of the title; his face was a mess and the ref called it off. Okay, I butted him a few times but who's counting?

Then I took an 'easy' defence against the 6th ranked guy and he beat the **** out of me. He was just too fast - I barely touched him all night. I was getting so frustrated that I butted him once too often and lost by DQ.

Decided to move up after that...I hate those speedy types.
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