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Default Re: Classic Forum -Talk About Anything (Mods please dont move)

Originally Posted by Muchmoore View Post
The only real thing I don't like with the game is the fact counters are weighed so much. True, in boxing it only takes one shot to take out an opponent but it's impossible to box for 12 rounds in this game without getting dropped by a flash KD. Unless your chin is top end of course.

Awesome game though, the legacy mode is much more realistic than any prior. I have all 3 belts unified in my division, next I have a defense against Eddie Chambers. Who for some odd reason has 100 power and is above 95 in every attribute, that's the only other thing I don't like. Some guys are supermen in the legacy mode.
Yeah you can get hit with a counter and just be out on your feet, which i suppose is right, but i get what you mean in that it happens a lot.

I went Thomas Hearns and obliterated Miguel Cotto

I went Duran and beat Corrales in a war that became one sided

I went Robinson and fought Pavlik, Pavlik knocked me down, and when i rose, the commentator said to Atlas 'how's he going to react to this Teddy?'

Teddy said 'Sugar Ray Robinson, is gunna react like a guy named Sugar Ray Robinson would do' (or something like that, as this was being said i was tearing Pavlik a new one, dropped him, he got up and i finished him, classic. I was made up with that.
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