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Default Re: Classic Forum -Talk About Anything (Mods please dont move)

Originally Posted by mcvey View Post
Football and computer games.
Anyone on here ever read a book ?[not about boxing] See a play ,watch a film [ not about boxing]? Oh christ !
This could be a good idea, but its going to be filled with dross.
Let's talk!

I'm reading a book called 'Cuba-A New History' right now, about a few weeks ago i just came across a film called 'the lost city', got it as a little thing for the old man on father's day cos i saw Andy Garcia's face on the front. Anyway, i just got a interested in the Cuban Revolution and read more, and more and more, watched everything i can on youtube, then bought 'Che'.

I'm totally open-minded on subjects though and would never want to come across like i favour any of this historical figures, just simply intrigued by the events, that's all. I wouldn't buy a che t-shirt as i understand the aspect of hypocricy, but i do want one.
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