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Default Re: Classic Forum -Talk About Anything (Mods please dont move)

Originally Posted by mcvey View Post
Che is something of an icon ,his face was on T shirts in my youth when I had hair down to my waist and was hitch hiking around the globe.
People forget ,or don't know that he was in charge of execution squads ,in the early days of the revolution.
Guevara's hands were as blood stained as Batista's.
Haven't been to Cuba yet ,but will do at some point.
I want to see Hemingway's finca in Havana, that's a must for me.
Kid Chocolate, Kid Gavilan, Jose Napoles. Must be something in the water.
The language is Portugese ,which is incomprehensible to me,but a fascinating place.
Andy Garcia, good actor ,and the only Cuban star I'm aware of.
Now ,about Ronaldo leaving Man U
I always though they spoke Spanish and the only Portugese spaeaking country is Brazil no? The Spaniards took over, or began to take over Cuba in 1511 and the language has been there ever since. Am i completely mistaken here?

Yeah i know all about the tribunals and execution squads, it's just his ideals that he felt so strong about creating. Che Guevara's (not Castro the native Cuban's) dream was to bring the revolution to the whole of South America and 'liberate' it, so that the poorer continent would not help develop the most developed country in the world which neighbours it.
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