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Default Re: Classic Forum -Talk About Anything (Mods please dont move)

Originally Posted by mcvey View Post
Football and computer games.
Anyone on here ever read a book ?[not about boxing] See a play ,watch a film [ not about boxing]? Oh christ !
This could be a good idea, but its going to be filled with dross.
In fact yes, i have read afew plays. The Long and The Short and The Tall, thats a great play it really is


An Inspecter Calls another brillaint play i love the plot inthis and the underlying messages its genius.

At school were reading Hamlet but it is utter *******s i cant understand half of it and when i read it in my broad acccent the class dont understand it either

You read any of them

also Of Mice and Men is a great book along with the Pearl by John Steinbeck hes a great writier.

Originally Posted by Chinxkid View Post
I hope this thread is still around when American football season starts.

My team won the Super Bowl this year, a record number six, and has it's first preseason game against the team that they beat, The Arizona Cardinals.
I used to follow American football, now not so much my team was the NY Giants i liked Tiki Barber.

Originally Posted by mcvey View Post
Leave now ,or I will kill you!

Originally Posted by teeto View Post

y the way the Cuban Revolution is something that if anyone just wants to give me an insight or an opinion on the figureheads involved i'd appreciate it.

Or am i just ****ing everyone off?
I kinda find it intresting but its too complicated if your going to speak about it start from the beginning for us thickos

Originally Posted by teeto View Post
I'm going to have to go to bed soon i'm up early tomorrow.
same here

Originally Posted by Chinxkid View Post
Ok, T. I know a lot more about American football than I do The Cuban Revolt, but you can think Capitalism, corruption, gambling casinos, organized crime infiltration, wide separation of the haves and have nots... so enter Che and Fidel and Socialism and now, everybody (almost) is poor, Obama just ok'ed American travel to Cuba...
I know nothing of Cuba except Napoles, Chocolate etc...

Originally Posted by mcvey View Post
Che is something of an icon ,his face was on T shirts in my youth when I had hair down to my waist and was hitch hiking around the globe.
People forget ,or don't know that he was in charge of execution squads ,in the early days of the revolution.
Guevara's hands were as blood stained as Batista's.
Haven't been to Cuba yet ,but will do at some point.
I want to see Hemingway's finca in Havana, that's a must for me.
Kid Chocolate, Kid Gavilan, Jose Napoles. Must be something in the water.
The language is Portugese ,which is incomprehensible to me,but a fascinating place.
Andy Garcia, good actor ,and the only Cuban star I'm aware of.
Now ,about Ronaldo leaving Man U
didnt know you got Che t shirts in the 1400s
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