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Default Re: Classic Forum -Talk About Anything (Mods please dont move)

Originally Posted by teeto View Post
I always though they spoke Spanish and the only Portugese spaeaking country is Brazil no? The Spaniards took over, or began to take over Cuba in 1511 and the language has been there ever since. Am i completely mistaken here?

Yeah i know all about the tribunals and execution squads, it's just his ideals that he felt so strong about creating. Che Guevara's (not Castro the native Cuban's) dream was to bring the revolution to the whole of South America and 'liberate' it, so that the poorer continent would not help develop the most developed country in the world which neighbours it.
You are right ,a senior moment overtook me I was thinking of Brazil,apologies
The trouble with all dogmatic ideology is "the end justifies the means".
Lenin said he needed Stalin,but after things were "settled" he would rein him in ,but once you open the tigers cage ,its hard to get him back in it.
If Cuba is so great how come Americans arent risking their life sailing there on little make shift rafts?
Hopefully with Obama's new moves things will ease up,we shall see.
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