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Originally Posted by Chinxkid View Post
Somewhere in between seems to be the only answer we're left with. Just read your tribute to Gatti. Very impressive for anybody, let alone a 15 yr. old. You sure you want to be a fighter?
it aint mine, i cant write that good.

of course i want to be a fighter its all i do, its my dream and you gotta grasp that dream

heres some i wrote

Gatti gave his all in boxing, something many fans expects these days but Gatti gave it everything and more. The purists will say he wasnt that great, the casual fanbs will think of him as just some exciting boxer but the proper fans will think of him as a courageous warrior that not many men have built in them

I want to say this Gatti was mixed up in unsavoury things like drugs and wife beating, but every person who has ever met him as testified to how nice a guy he was and how decent a man he was. Gatti was a good man misguided. May god judge him on this and let him Rest In Peace
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