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Originally Posted by GPater11093 View Post
tahts what ive worked on my powers improved alot im rocking adults in the gym especially with body shots my left hook to the liver is alright.

Hit without being hit is what i try to do, but ill easy go to war of i have too. My movement ha s always been good since i learnt to box, my trainer hates it says i do afew things wrong with my feet but it works
Yeah, I'd have to watch it again, but it's important when you have an angle on somebody to use it. When you step into an angle, when you can hit him, but he can't hit you for that moment, make sure you fire... then change up the angle again. This guy was good, though he was mostly comin' straight at you. He had you outgunned, but I think you did a pretty good job of hanging in. I have no doubt you're willing to go to war, but save that for later if you can. Make his head spin for a while and frustrate the hell out of him, then he's more vulnerable. But I like your style!
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