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Originally Posted by teeto View Post
Not sure who said that Chinx, but On The Waterfront is an all-timer. And Sweet Pea, so is The Deer Hunter, crazy how the last scene is, and the whole thing is put into perspective, that's how i see it anyway. Like they are all sitting around the table, there's no conversation, then the camera pulls out and that's just in one house, thats' just the devastation in one house, so imagine the bigger picture.

Deer Hunter was great. Authentic, and those Russian Roulette scenes in Nam were crazy dramatic and meant a lot. The Christopher Walken character gets hooked, and sees no other life for himself...

Also, had to agree with Sweet Pea on a couple... Heat and The Graduate and American Beauty is an absolute GREAT flick. That surreal suburban American setting, where everybody is desperate behind those big four bedroom homes, losing their minds behind the facade of normality, and just saw Sam Mendez's new movie, Revolutionary Road, which was along the same lines, even the music was very similar, but though it had some great dramatic moments, it missed.
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