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Originally Posted by Sweet Pea View Post
It was a good film up until that point. The last 20 minutes or so made it a great film. Depressing doesn't always mean bad. IMO, the movies that can invoke the strongest emotions are the best ones, regardless of genre. Which is the reason you'll see movies like Leaving Las Vegas, The Deer Hunter, Eternal Sunshine, Vanilla Sky, Million Dollar Baby, etc among my favorites.
Yeah, depressing, sad, even ugly and horrible is ok, as long as I buy it. A lot of times they're going for shock value and it becomes sensational and cheap, not resembling life, at least as I know it. Someone once said that when you watch a good movie it should be like everything you've ever seen and like nothing you've ever seen. Meaning, you gotta relate, you gotta buy it, believe it, but it needs to take you somewhere you've never been before or why bother?

I like your list above ... Mine would be, besides the ones that I've already mentioned, something like Dog Day Afternoon, Mystic River, you mentioned Cuckoo's Nest, definitely! Also, State of Grace, At Close Range, Raging Bull of course, though some of that, the emotional violence with his wife and brother are hard to watch. The Verdict's a great one, Paul Newman was a great actor and a class act; I even like Harper, kind of a lighthearted film that leans enough into the dramatic to save it, for my tastes ... I could go on for a long while, so I won't, but just mention that The Soprano's one of the most believable mob portrayals I've ever seen. Not a movie, of course, but it's for me, better than a lot of the famous mob flicks that portray that life and those people more like people expect them to be than they are.
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