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Default Re: Classic Forum -Talk About Anything (Mods please dont move)

Originally Posted by Axl_Nose View Post
Deer Hunter is an all time Classic like Apocalypse Now, Goodfellas and Taxi Driver .. I also liked Vanilla Sky too, i dont usually like Cruise but there was a weirdness about it that i liked, liked the original too ..

Howabout Marathon Man and 3 Days of the Condor ?? Classic Paranoia films involving renegade branches of government agencies . I love them films. The Parallax View with ****** Beatty is another great film
Liked these 3, but Three Days of the Condor is one of my all time favorites. Read the book, "Six Days.... Condor," a big disappointment. For those that don't know, Redford comes back to his office of CIA researchers on the Upper West Side to find that everyone in the office, while he was out getting lunch has been killed. He spends the rest of the movie trying to find out who and why and also to not get taken out himself...
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