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Default Re: Bowe-Holyfield III

Originally Posted by DamonD
Just like in the first fight, Holy got the better of the first round with some smart boxing, firing his jab well and being a mobile target.

But then again he got drawn into a close-quarters brawl for the rest of the fight, which he was not capable of winning...apart from the shocking knockdown that suddenly came along in the 6th! Bowe was seriously buzzed from that left hook, he was up at about...what...7 or so wasn't it?

When people say Holyfield could've finished Bowe if he'd had the energy, unless you see the fight you don't really appreciate how true that was. Bowe was stuck with his back to the ringpost for almost a minute panting while Holyfield struggled to put his punches together, he just couldn't.

After that point, it just wasn't going to be Holy's night. Bowe caught him with a sweet right counter inbetween Holy's shot in the 8th which dropped Holyfield, and that should've been the end of the fight right there.

Cortez always gave fighters a more than adequate chance to carry on but Holyfield didn't respond to his instructions to step forward or raise his gloves, and it was kinda fortunate it just took a couple grazing shots from Bowe to end it rather than something more destructive.
I was on the seat of my pants when Holyfield dropped and seriously hurt Bowe in the 6th round. Bowe was out on his feet and begging to be hit, but Holyfield was so gassed that he could barely raise his hands. That was frustrating as hell to watch. If Holyfield had the energy, no way Bowe would have made it out of that round! I believe that there was something wrong with Holyfield in that fight; he gassed way too early!
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