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Default Re: Greatest 10 Australian heavyweight Champion ever

Originally Posted by kenmore View Post
How do you know that guys like Goddard and Slavin could have hung in there with the big heavyweight contenders of today?
There have always been big contenders it is just that in that era they tended not to get to the top.

Even so Peter Jackson and Joe Goddard both beat world class oponents who were of a similar size to Bugner.

After all, there is little or no film footage of Goddard and Slavin.
No but that cuts both ways.

The absence of footage dosn't give you grounds for picking a contender who was less highly regarded in his own era over them just because there is footage of him.

Most of their bouts were scheduled for only a few rounds.
And one of Jacksons went more than 60.

They were small guys, too: Goddard was only 6' tall and 180 lbs. in his prime.
Well Jackson was 6' 1'' 200 lbs and acording to some reports had a 77'' reach. Goddard and Slavin were both bigger than Henry Cooper.

My guess is that guys from the Sullivan era shouldn't even be compared to modern heavyweights because boxing was conducted so much differently in the 19th century than it is now.
Perhaps but there is no unwriten law that the modern ruleset is the default setting.

We could with equal justification make Bugner fight under the ruleset of the 1890s.

Due to the lack of adequate film footage of the early guys, I think the all-time ratings of heavyweights should begin with the 1910s or 1920s and move forward from there.
Their ring acomplishments still speak for themselves.

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