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Default Re: Classic Forum -Talk About Anything (Mods please dont move)

Originally Posted by Chinxkid View Post
Hey T, I saw Beckham doing an interview this morning. Is he as good as everyone says?
he used to be good not seen him play in ages though

Originally Posted by teeto View Post
Well he's still good, but he used to be brilliant, he's at the tail end of his career now. He played for Manchester United in his prime. The rivalry between Liverpool and Manchester United is like Mexico and Puerto Rico in boxing. Beckham had pinpoint precision passing ability in his prime, probably still to a degree now, but he's getting old.
pretty much summed it up
he was quite slow but very skillful especially with a dead ball. His passing was amazing. He made up for lack of physicallitly in skills.

Originally Posted by Chinxkid View Post
"Pinpoint passing", sounds like a playmaker. Was he a high scorer as well?
he scored afew Freekicks and Penlties and some amazing long shots

Originally Posted by teeto View Post
Well he scored a decent amount of goals considering his position, but yeah he was more of a creator of goals for others, he is a right winger, so he plays down the right side of the field and was great at passing the ball like 30 yards right to his target. ****in nobhead though (haha, just kidding)
agree with all that

except aint he a center midfielder now, he was at Madrid any way.

I used to love Beckham when i was a kid

now i dont but i am a big Madrid fan and i love Zidane
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