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Default Re: **Regarding the Heavyweights: who is the man...regardless?**

Originally Posted by T.Stout
Wlad destroyed Brewster not because Brewster didn't show up but because he couldn't take Wlad's JAB! Wlad had Brewster thinking he'd get brain damage from just Wlad's JABS andwas beaten into surrender on his stool.

Ray Austin is over 6'1" and Wlad knocked him out under 2 rnds with just his left NEVER THROWING A RIGHT yet Austin went the distance and tied with Ibragimov.

Wlad damn near took Calvin Brock's head off dropping him like a rock.

Wlad battered Byrd bloody easily.

Nope don't see anyone beating Wlad in the next two years we shall see.
No, Wlad beat a one eyed Brewster who couldnt spar in preparation for the fight for fear of injuring his eye again, his trainer told him in the corner after rd 1 when he hadnt even been hit yet that he wouldnt let him get hit, that he would stop the fight if he gets hit, thats the level of fear and concern and the psycohlogical state they cameinto that fight with, beating Brewster at that time does not redeem or avenge Wlads loss. Brewster had been beaten and seriously injured prior to this Wlad fight, what Wlad has to do is beat Ibragamov, he is the man who beat the man who beat the man who beat brewster who beat wlad.
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