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Default Re: Teaching a friend to box

what stance should i teach my freind?

a. Relaxed.
b. Feet spread to side as well as back and forth.
c. Knees flexed slightly.
e. Hips and shoulders parallel to the ground.
f. Body bent forward slightly at waist
g. Non-dominant hip and shoulder forward.
h. Chin down on breast bone.
i. Look out of top of eyes.
j. Lead hand held high, level with your eye.
k. Rear hand held in, level with chin.
l. Elbows held in to the sides.

Feet and Legs Position Lead foot- approximately 12-18 inches in front of the back
foot and slightly turned-in (about 35 degrees).
Feet- approximately a shoulder’s width apart. With a slight
open stance (rear foot kicked out six to eight inches to the
outside of the stance). This gives our stance balance and
stability in all directions (i.e. against straight-arm and bentarm
Front knee-flexed but not bent.
Back knee-bent
Heel-raised slightly off ground so that you can slip a piece of
paper under your heels.
Balance – on the ***** of both feet.
Weight--There should be slightly more weight on the rear
foot—about 55-45 split.
Hands and Arm s
"Lead hand high, level with your eye; rear hand in, level with
your chin."
Palms should be facing each other (almost like praying) with
a loose fist—this is good positioning for parrying.
Elbows - tucked into the body.
Forearms - perpendicular to the ground (elbows over the
Line of sight – between and over the gloves.
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