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Default Re: HATTON BASHING american arrogance

Originally Posted by grayggr
Ducked Junior Witter??

Man that point of view is seriously lame. Hatton would murder Witter, Witter is not in Hatton's league. He doesn't need to fight and has never needed to fight Witter to prove anything. Why would a man who beat one of the best ever 140lb fighters and a world class ex 135lber need Junior Witter on their resume????

Junior Witter is a disrespectul B class fighter at best. For too long he has ridden on the Hatton's coat tail. I imagine when he's in his 70's he'll still be calling out Hatton.

I for one wish the fight would be made just to see him knocked out in the mid rounds. Although Witter is probably shot now and past his prime of course
No Witter is not shot and past his prime - but you can rest assured that's exactly what Hattons waiting for

Hatton would murder Witter, Hatton would knock him out in the mid-rounds, etc etc etc. Same **** you get from the Calslappy fans - coulda, woulda, shoulda.
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