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Default Re: Sonny Liston vs. Larry Holmes

Liston's jab I think is a bit better. It was harder and it had more of an effect on his opponents. Holmes was suceptible to the right, and Liston had a good right hand as well as the left. In his prime, Liston wasn't really suceptible to any particular punch as he had pretty solid defense and could slip punches very well with his head and shoulders. I think this fight could go the distance, with Holmes being the aggressor. Larry's greater handspeed would mean he would maybe land more punches, but Liston's inside work is superior to Holmes, and if Liston ever got inside it would spell trouble for Larry as he was not a good inside fighter. I expect it to be a good fight, but when it's over I expect Liston's hand to be raised.

Sonny Liston UD 15 Larry Holmes (9-6)
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