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Default Re: bentt puts sam peter into perspective

Originally Posted by Decker
I wish you & lefthook31 would get a new play in your 1 page playbook. You seem to have only one, "HW no good now". Sheesh

You guys are reminding me of an ESBer that went by raven a while back. He actaully had good knowledge, but would write pages of text on the forums & replies to articles arguing to anyone who would listen how overrated Wlad was (he seemed to have it in more for the younger K bro). I stopped reading the guy after about 6 months. The only reason I read as much as I did is that he actually would go through tortured, winding "logic" to make his case. Which just meant there was so many ways to counter his argument, you didn't know where to begin. I don't think he was a pure hating troll but he had serious issues with a pro fighter. Me? I've never spent so much time hating any entertainer - which is what these guys are. Since I don't think raven was ever in the Ukraine, I don't think Wlad took his lunch money, gf, or whatever. Anyway, it was wierd. He had a real obsession with Wlad.

I speculated that the reason he spent so much time on Wlad, was because he lost money betting for and against Wlad !
He must have gone off the deep end during Wlads recent wins

That might explain some current posters issues too.
i remember raven, god damn that guy was re****ed
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