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Default Re: Will Brahmer be Calzaghe's downfall?

Originally Posted by achillesthegreat
Taylor is P4P - this is irrefutable.
Wright is P4P - he has just dropped a few spots.
Hopkins is P4P - this is irrefutable.
Pavlik - his name is in the mix on the basis that he beat Taylor and would then be a major player who could easily fight at 168.
Well, Taylor is going to get KTFO, so that'll drop him immediatley.

Pavlik is simply just a solid fighter at 160, he's not a P4P level fighter and never will be.

Wright would beat who at 168?

Hopkins would beat what top fighters from 168-175? Not too many, he is really showing his age.

I find it absurd to rank Hopkins a top P4P just for defeating Winky at 170 pounds, Winky is much less potent at 160 than he was at 154, much less 170, it was just a 'name' win.

I can't pick Hopkins over the top 5 at LHW, thus I can't still legitimately rank him a top P4P. Nobody would give Calzaghe or Kessler any credit for wiping the floor with Hopkins in his current state, nobody would, he'd then just be 'old', which is what I am claiming now, he's 42 and showing it.

Winky's done as a top class P4P fighter, he was a great 154.

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