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Default Re: Will Brahmer be Calzaghe's downfall?

Originally Posted by Blocky
God you talk absolute ****ing ****e.

Hopkins, Taylor and Wright would all beat Kessler. Pavlik is too ****ing raw to get past Kessler's jab and make his power count so Kessler scores another boringly one sided round by round victory.

Hopkins would give Calzaghe his toughest fight, a great southpaw killer, good on the inside, great with roughing up his opponent and adequate enough with lateral movement and angles to make his presence be known against Calzaghe.

Taylor vs Calzaghe WILL BE (cause it's going to happen after Kessler gets whipped) more competitive than Calzaghe vs Kessler.

Mark those words.

Oh, you won't be able too - you'll be gone, after betting three months on that errant ****, Pavlik.

Only shows your ignorance Blockhead.

And it's 6 months, no 3, I hope you will properly **** off and not come back under an alias.
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